Maxi MeltMAXI MELT designs and manufactures all mechanical components for extrusion and injection processing units to improve plastics processing.

We offer a wide range of nitrided and bimetallic cylinders, screws, tip assemblies with body, seat and non-return valve, ball tip assemblies, adapters, nozzles and other components to cope with every requirement. The scope covers single as well and twin screw units. The bimetallic alloys based on tungsten carbide are one of our specialties.

The wide range of treatments, the high quality of the mechanical finishing in addition to our knowledge of the plasticizing process differentiates our supplies from other companies operating in this industry and allows us to present ourselves as YOUR PARTNER in optimizing your production processes.

Maxi MeltThe screw in general and with injection molding also the  tip assembly are the most important and critical components at the plasticizing process. Their performance determines a reproducible  process and above all a perfect product.

The screw geometry primarily determines:

  • Productivity
  • Mechanical property of the plastic product
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste reduction
  • Use of masterbatches
  • Product aesthetics

In other words, optimizing the plasticizing process will create a lot benefits.

In addition to the standard OEM screw geometry’s MAXI MELT offers for more than 15 years innovative screw profiles. With our extensive experience in developing screw profiles and continuous research and technological innovation MAXI MELT is YOUR PARTNER for optimizing your injection or extrusion process.

MAXI MELT will help to increase your competitiveness