Twin screwsTo fight wear MAXI MELT offers twin screw elements in a large scale of materials resistant to abrasive and corrosive wear.

For screw elements we offer a wide scale of materials and treatments to fight wear. For less severe wear conditions the most economical solution is a nitrided element. Whether wear resistance is requested hardened screw elements offer a longer life time reducing your costs. Different solutions are indicated in the table below indicating the specific resistance to abrasive and corrosive wear. For the shaft we recommend  nitrided steel with a high torque resistance.

Twin screws

Base materials for plasticizing screws

DIN standardMaterialType steelTreatmentHardnessAbrasion resistanceCorrosion resistance
1.850941CrAlMo7Nitriding steelNitrided950 – 1100 HV5xx
1.855034CrAINi7Nitriding steelNitrided950 – 1100 HV5xx
1.2379X155CrVMo121Tool steelHardened59 – 63 HRCxxxxx
KPM1PM materialHardened58 – 63 HRCxxxxxxx
KPM2PM materialHardened55 – 60 HRCxxxxxxxx
Suitability: (x good) to (xxxxx excellent). PM is powder material. Other materials avaiable on request.