Twin cylindersMAXI MELT is able to offer a large range of solutions for twin cylinders.  If wear is not extreme the most economical solution is providing you with a new nitrided cylinder. But for higher resistance to wear the solution we recommend  is providing cylinders with hardened or bimetallic liners, or making them out of PM material. The best solution we can recommend depends not only on wear but also on the dimension of the cylinder. For the type of steel, treatment and hardness we refer to the technical data of the previous pages. Please contact our sales organization to offer you more information.


A worn out cylinder can be refurbished. If the old cylinder is nitrided we can bore out the nitrided lining and insert new bimetallic or hardened liners. Relining a worn out nitrided cylinder  is less expensive then making a complete new barrel. Second-time and relining jobs costs less than fist-time relines because there is no need to bore out the nitrided lining. We simply press out the old liners and replace them with new ones.


Twin cylinders

We have the technology to supply new conical twin cylinders with internal hardened sleeves offering a longer life time respect of simply nitrided cylinders. The sleeves can be made out of more liners or made out of one piece. The best solution depend on the dimension of the cylinder to sleeve. For conical twin cylinders we only supply new ones.