MAXI MELT offers a free service to monitor the wear of the plasticizing unit in its own premises or, if necessary, at the customer premises. Based on the outcome we will evaluate together whether a regeneration is feasible.

MAXI MELT can also expand the service by removing, cleaning and dismantling the processing unit if the unit is full of plastic residues. Please contact us for more information regarding the cost and options.


At the plasticizing process, the screw, and for injection applications also the tip assembly are the most important components of the system as it allows a flawless repeatable production cycle.

The geometry of the screw/tip assembly is of primary importance for:

  • Increase of productivity
  • Increase of the mechanical properties of the products
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce the use of masterbatches
  • Improve the aesthetics
In other words optimizing the plasticizing process will increase our customers competitiveness.

For more information please contact us


With the purchase of a MAXI MELT screw we can also provided technical assistance service for the start-up of the screw (temperature settings, back pressure, screw speed as well as the parameters that may affect the plasticizing). All the technical visits and support to be judged on a case by case base. Please contact us for more information regarding the cost.