who-we-areMAXI MELT designs and manufactures all mechanical plasticizing components for the processing of plastics. We offer a wide range of bimetallic cylinders, screws, tips, end caps, adapters, nozzles and other components of the plasticizing unit to meet every need. The product range covers single as well as twin screw units.

Our many years of skills and experience in fighting wear of the plasticizing components combined with our knowledge of polymers, allows us not only to be your supplier for spare parts but also to be YOUR PARTNER for optimization your production processes.

Benefits MAXI MELT offers:

  • Productivity
  • Mechanical property of the plastic product
  • Energy consumption
  • Waste reduction
  • Use of masterbatches
  • Product aesthetics

We have been operating successfully for more than 30 years, first as partner of Kluin Wijhe B.V. (Netherlands) and now as independent organisation Maxi Melt B.V., we continue delivering high performance machinery components for the plastic processing industry.

This website provides more detailed information regarding plasticizing components and how they are subjected to wear and therefore more frequently need to be replaced. We offer high quality solutions at competitive pricing. For further information concerning the items listed in the catalog or for other articles of the plasticizing unit not listed, please contact our sales network.